Monday, January 08, 2007

Peaceful Yesterday

The stream in the hollow was wide open yesterday, tumbling over the rocks, gurgling along contentedly and singing to itself. A single russet beech leaf rested easy in the sunlight nearby, and the ravens were croaking somewhere above me in the trees. A perfect hour was spent just sitting silently on a flat rock by the beaver pond.

I closed my eyes as I sat there on the granite, breathing in and out quietly, and the winter sunlight draped itself lovingly around my shoulders like a fine warm Kashmiri shawl. There was a delicious woody fragrance wafting up from the forest floor yesterday, and the surface of the pond sparkled like sequins — (sigh) it felt like an early spring day.

The weekly haiku offering is here.


Unknown said...

Hi kerrdelune,

I've missed visiting your site. Our internet was down, and now I've decided to cut it off. I feel free. We'll go to the library to use it.

Lovely photos. Your description of sitting on the granite made me breath deeply. Thank you.

K Allrich said...

Dear Cate!

Beautiful - the draping sunlight, sequins and woodsy smells - evoke that rare winter moment when one might feel the tiniest stir toward spring.

Wishing you health, peace, and love this coming new year, my sweet!

Val said...

I am always so grateful for your crisp, clear photos (and the mind images that come, unbidden, along with your words). Thank you for the reminders of what really matters in life - and how to look deeply.

Anonymous said...

This felt like a summer day in So Cal and a bad fire burned earlier in the Malibu Colony--and all of you in "cold country" have spring coming already. I watched An Inconvenient Truth last night and I'm a believer.