"I am perfectly enough"

She climbed out of my pen while I was working on something else, and out climbed the words too, right along with her.  I wasn't sure what to make of her when she appeared - she insisted I pay attention, that I lean in, listen up and wise up, get my act together, "stuff" I always forget and need to work on. 

Dismayed, I was pleased to meet the lady nevertheless.  I found myself liking her style and her irreverent attitude, her wild hair and jubilant, upraised arms, her flowing gypsy skirts, and even those eloquent bare toes.

My jubilant friend is maiden, mother and crone, all three rolled into one wise, independent and passionate spirit. She's an adventuress, someone who loves life and the journey, is happy with who she is and where she is going.  She knows how to live in the moment. She likes making her own way through the woods, and she doesn't mind going alone, although she does like having kindred spirits to travel along with.

No pastels for this blithe spirit - her favorite shade is ultraviolet, and she does her own thing, coloring outside the lines when she feels like it, and with the brightest crayons in the box.  She felt she belonged in the banner for this place, and she insisted that I tuck her in along with her raggedy moon and flock of cranes.

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Hold the words close and whisper them to yourself when times are dark, when you are feeling (or falling) down and doubting yourself. Embrace the thought. 

"I am perfectly enough!"