Sunday, January 07, 2007

Asclepius in Snow

Asclepius syriaca is always gorgeous "stuff", but it was particularly so on an overcast morning late in December before the snow vanished. In silhouette, the milkeweed resembled an architectural design by Antonio Gaudi or a painting by Georgia O'Keefe, the various greys, taupes, creams and and russets beautifully highlighted against the white. Snowflakes adorned the inner curves, and tiny icicles were suspended here and there - the pod textures insisted on leaping merrily to the forefront of every image I captured that day.

The milkweed was equally ravishing against the wet clear blue of freshly fallen snow on a sunny day around the same time, and the image below was mounted and framed as a Yule gift for a friend in the village at her own request.


middle-angel said...

I can feel the dignified cold winter air through the pictures.

Pam in Tucson said...

These are lovely! My favourite's the first one - quiet repose on the fresh snow. What exquisite beauty there is to be found in what some would regard as ordinary.