Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In the Wash (or Hedgerow) at Sunrise

Broken Boughs of Norfolk Pine

Pine Cones

A Tiny Blue Suede Shoe

A Fugitive Halloween Gourd

Cassie and I are never sure what we are going to discover as we potter around shortly after sunrise, but there is always something to see in the wash or hedgerow. Almost every entity we encounter in the morning has a story of its own, and each pleads to be heard in a plangent voice.

The empty coke cans, beer bottles, paper cups and styrofoam burger containers have little to say though - we collected a dozen empty glass beer bottles, twenty pop cans, six paper cups and four styrofoam burger containers on our early rounds, and they didn't say a single word (embarrassment probably). To leave such detritus laying about would be a travesty, and we always pick everything up as we go along. We were rather loaded down coming home this morning.

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SoundHunter said...

What a beautiful blog I've found myself in while lurking about blogland. I'll be back indeed. :0)

~ a fellow Canadian