Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sunlight, Stones, Leaves

Yesterday, the gardens of the little blue house in the village were confused realms, sunlight on the cobblestones in front, tiny green fronds coming up in the lawn and flower beds, a cardinal singing courtship songs in the crabapple tree - at the same time snow was falling in huge, powdery fluffy flakes on the garden behind the little blue house, and the temperature was plummeting in the village .

On such days, should one cling to thoughts of winter or springtime? I just watched it all yesterday with a mug of tea in hand (Bigelow's Constant Comment) and tried not to cling to any season at all.


Anonymous said...

This morning, I woke up to see a thin dusting of snow on the grass. I'm now getting so used to the green that the white seems unusual. With the lack of deep winter, I've found that I haven't done some of the work I had intended to do -- sorting and editing my photo collection (my standard winter occupation). Now, when I look at the photos, I'm just anxious for spring to arrive -- wondering if it will be early, or if the weather will change, and it will be at its usual time, or perhaps even late. Confusing times.

Roswila said...

I adore rocks. (I have a character in a poem saying "among the silence and surety of rocks...") That's a wonderful photo. (All yours are, actually.)

Yes, this winter has been an odd one so far. Savings for many on heat bills, losses for ski resorts.... While I worry that my kus will give others indigestion when they clearly contain references to two different seasons. LOL!