Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Little By Little, Returning

And so the dance begins, a pair of geese, not a skein or a flock or a "v", just two magnificent Canadas paddling in a pool of melted river in the sunlight. It continues with a Sharp-shinned Hawk etching wide circles in the sky over the same stretch of river and emitting a short, sharp, joyous cry now and then.

A drowsy groundhog perches on a fence post near the gate of the Two Hundred Acre Wood and looks around in disbelief. No doubt he (or she) is considering returning to the den and going back to sleep. There is bark and twiggy stuff to dine on, but only a few withered berries remain from last year, and it will be a while before dandelions and coltsfoot, their favorite spring nosh, appear. As for timothy, alfalfa and clover, it will be some time before such tender, juicy forages are up and "munchable". 

In a nearby spinney, three glossy deer (young bucks) shuffle their feet and drink in the morning, their breath sending up clouds of steam in the cold air. Only a few feet away, several young male turkeys (jakes) strut their stuff and proclaim their superiority, gobbling at each other, puffing up their feathers, spreading their tails and dragging their wings. Their antics are absolutely hilarious.

The brood of young great horned owls being raised in the old oak tree a mile back in the woods is already half grown, and their attentive parents look both proud and haggard. Feeding young "hornies" is hard work.

In spite of the cold and the wind, it appears that springtime is on its way at last. 


Barbara Rogers said...

Though we've been having warm days then cool ones, it's gradually happening. Today I again saw frost on things though.

Blondi Blathers said...

How fortunate are you to see so much wildlife when you go out a-walkin'! It helps to have woods, I suppose.
There will soon be more action around here, as someone recently spotted a pair of Canada geese.
I had to look up 'spinney'and earlier this morning I looked up 'peccant.' It's always a little surprising to be reminded there are many words I'm not familiar with, no matter how much reading I've done.

francesray.substack.com said...

Indeed, she is. That ill-tempered groundhog in Pennsylvania was correct this year. And here, in addition to small green shoots, a few crocus in the sun, and greater bird and amphibian activity is mud season which makes walking in the woods a bit tricky.