Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday Ramble, Drifting

The village is a mysterious place on September mornings. The earth is often warmer than the air above it, the meeting of the two elements turning otherwise mundane landscape features into otherworldly entities, fey and luminous. Autumn moves among us, comfortable in her tenure of mist, rain, wind and madcap tumbling leaves.

There is nothing like a good fog, and September dishes up some splendid atmospheric murks. Mist swirls around everything, draping the whiskery trees, smoothing hard edges and rounding the contours of house and street. The north wind scours leaves from the old trees near home, and they rustle underfoot as Beau and I go along on our early walks. Irv loved this time of the year, and he is always with us. If we listen carefully, we can sometimes hear Cassie and Spencer pottering along beside us too, their happy feet doing a kind of scuffling dance through the fallen treasure.

Out of the pearly gray and sepia come sounds now and again. Birds converse in hedgerows and geese move unseen among the clouds, singing as they pass over our heads. Doors open and close as sleepy residents collect their morning papers. There is the soft growling of automobiles and the rumble of buses, the muffled cadence of joggers gliding through the park, the footsteps of commuters heading downtown to work. Once in a while, there is the whistle of a faraway train, just a faint echoing in the air. 

This is the first week of school, and children are on their w
ay to class, walked there by parents, siblings and (often) the family dog. The kids chatter like young birds, as brightly plumed as finches in their leggings and anoraks, carrying umbrellas and backpacks almost as big as they are. Near home, raindrops beat a staccato rhythm on roofs, and little rivers sing through the eaves. All together, it is symphonic.  

On such mornings, the world seems boundless, brimming with lucent, floating Zen possibility, soil and trees and sky and mist giving tongue in a language that is wild and compelling.  Part of me is curled up in a slow breathing meditation, counting my breaths, in and out, in and out. Other parts are out there drifting along in the fog with my companions and happy to be doing so. I love September, and it's all good.


Tabor said...

This is so inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for letting me come along.

Val said...

I love getting your blog posts by email, but commenting isn’t instant. But I just had to let you thatI am so grateful for these words and image. My “ conversion” to appreciating the Here and Now in this season (and not dreading it as harbinger of winter as a conditioned reflex) is nearly complete. It’s taken years!

Val said...

Oh and I wore the “labyrinth” T-shirt of yours recently. It is promoted from treasured object to actually being used!

littlemancat said...

So beautifully expressed. And the leaves!