Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Ramble - Magnolias

It is still cool here in the north, and springtime is well behind in the village this time around. We have a very long way to get to spring, never mind summer. I can't bring myself to even think about the word aestival.

At this time last year, crabapple trees were full of frantically buzzing bumbles, bees and wasps. Days were warm and sunny, and nights were balmy contraptions. Daylilies were in bloom, and garden roses were well on their way. 

This year (sigh) the crabapples and hawthorns are just starting to put out leaves, and it will be at least a week before we see lilies. No bumbles or wasps have put in an appearance so far, and I haven't seen beetles either. How on earth will fruit trees and wildflowers get pollinated this year?

Sometimes, something wonderful happens, and just when one needs it most. It was lovely to round a corner yesterday morning and discover that a neighbor's magnificent, gnarly old magnolia was ignoring its sisters and the unseasonal weather and absolutely covered in fragrant blooms. It looked like a whole tree of lighted candles, and the sight was breathtaking.

No one else was out at that hour of the day, and Beau and I had the magnolia tree to ourselves. We could hardly believe our eyes and our good fortune. We stood and stared at the old magnolia with our mouths open.


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Aren't they great! So glad you had a moment of joy at seeing these beauties.