Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Return of the Bumble Girls

I was rummaging in the garden when the first bumble of the season whizzed past my freckled nose.  Down went the spade with a clang, and into the house I raced for my camera. Within a few minutes, our own red crabapple tree and a neighbor's white crabapple were alive with euphoric buzzing, and several hundred tiny legs covered in golden pollen were kicking their way through the blooms.  Petals tumbled like confetti in the wind, and at times it was difficult to tell the difference between bumbles and falling flowers.

Since new bumble colonies have hatched and are out and about, springtime is here for sure, and summer is on its way.  Mornings and evenings are still cool, but there are fine sunny times ahead and many happy hours to be spent hovering over bees and blooms with camera and macro lens. I am overjoyed that little sisters are back in the garden and dishing up a frothy nectar symphony.

Such watershed moments simply cannot pass unmarked, and I felt like knocking on doors yesterday and hollering the good news to every sentient being in the village.  Call it another hallelujah moment - there can never be too many such things in life.


Barbara Rogers said...

I wish we had bumbles, my blooms seem to attract wood bees...which are huge B-52 size guys that look sort of like bumbles!

Pienosole said...

Yes. Hallelujah! Loved this writing and photo. Thank you.

sarah said...

so wonderful :-)

Anonymous said...

The bumbles are out in Massachusetts, absolutely dizzy with spring and cherry blossoms.