Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Squishing my way through the soggy woodland on Sunday afternoon and watching the leaf strewn carpet for ??? I've no idea what I was actually looking for that day or even if I was looking for anything - I so seldom go out looking for anything specific, just try to be there in the moment and responsive to whatever the Old Wild Mother (Earth) decides to share with me.

On Sunday, the mother woodcock launched herself out of the foliage right at my feet like a missile and flew up into a nearby tree, fluttering and making anxious sounds. I took a single photo and left the clearing at once, having stepped carefully around the nest and touched nary a leaf of its artful wrapping.

Later in the day, I surprised a mallard hen sitting on nine eggs in a nest at the bottom of the eastern hill and made a swift retreat from there as well. I know for a fact that there is a wild turkey nesting in a hollow near the main trail into the deep woods, and a thrush is constructing a delicate nursery in a clump of prickly junipers near the wild orchid colony.

Each and every time I go into the woods, there is something magical and breathtaking to see, and I always come home renewed, refreshed and thankful too. I am so looking forward to sharing rambles and wild magics with my great granddaughter Olivia Rose when she makes her appearance in the great wide world in July. I have loved her fiercely since I learned of her coming.


Anonymous said...

And o what a bounty Olivia will receive. I so love that photo. That nest of leaves with those camouflaged eggs. Nature is a wonder.

Tabor said...

What a trust had been placed in your hands!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful name. I'm sure you'll enjoy many wonderful times together.

the wild magnolia said...

What a fun nature visit. Precious visit to the birdie eggs.

Congratulations on the expected new arrival, great granddaughter, Olivia Rose.

February 15, 2010 my first great granddaughter arrived. Natalie is now a chunky wonder of smiles and laughs.

Jane Scott said...

Congratulations - so will your new name be GeeGee that's what my Mom became to her great grandchildren and then it got silly with GeeGeeGee! What a wonderous time you will have introducing Olivia Rose to the 100 Acre Woods!
Jane in Ottawa

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.First of all I love the name Olivia Rose! Second, when I saw this picture and your beautiful post i wanted to share with you that our town has been flooded and in an empty parking lot I found 2 sandpipers and 3 eggs.We are at least 6 hrs. away from any beach.Probably taking refuge from the Gulf Oilslick?I felt blessed in the midst of this to see them.Thank you for sharing.

Sky said...

babies soon to be everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Olivia Rose will be blessed beyond measure by having a great grandma like you. Sharing magic indeed...oh the joy to look forward to as you ramble the woods hand in hand.