Saturday, January 23, 2010



Alcester nature photography. said...

Superb Pic, Really enjoy your blog,
excellent photography.
Cheers Co;ln.

Anne said...

Love the snow flakes; magic happens!

Tabor said...

Oddly enough as many little chickadees hang out in my back yard and in the woods, they are crazy movers and I can never get a clean photo. They can be so noisy.

Anonymous said...

On thank you-as always a beautiful photo on a beautiful blog.
Sarah in Singapore

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. That made me smile.

teacuplinda said...

Sometimes a bird is just enough. This little bird touched my heart the way it sits with its head just so. I've been thinking lately about little birds, like sparrows, and how they are such compact packages of energy and aerodynamics. Right now I need joy in little packages: a member of my extended family is recovering from TBI [traumatic brain injury]. It is a long, slow journey of healing and surprises and unexpected despair. Your blog has become a daily respite from and companion along my grief and amazement.