Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Poem - Blessings for the Journey

May the blessings of the air be upon you
A soft breeze to refresh you
A strong wind to lift you up
Great golden wings to enfold and heal you

May the blessings of fire be upon you
A blazing torch to light your path
A flaming sword to protect and defend you
The glowing sunlight to shine on you and warm your heart

May the blessings of water be upon you
A rushing river to carry you forward
The vast depths of the sea to bring you wisdom
The soft sweet rain to wash you tenderly and nourish you

May the blessings of the earth be upon you
A sheltering cave to bring you to birth and securely hold you
The fertile soil to nourish you
The green grass to lay soft under you

May your journeying be blessed
May your beginnings and endings be blessed.

Marilyn Geist

This was written by a dear friend who passed beyond the veil in December 2007. Marilyn was a Jungian analyst by profession, someone who was passionate about art, dreams, mythology, words and life itself in all its myriad colors. She was a thoughtful and ferociously intelligent spirit who lighted up every room she walked into, and she had a truly wonderful laugh.


the wild magnolia said...

Air, fire, water, earth..we need these and the blessings in our live. Many thanks.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I loved this had a very Irish feel to it which is always dear to my heart...thanks

Meredith said...

How beautiful... and deep. I'm sure you miss her dearly.

anita said...

This blessing touched me this morning. Just found out my mom is pretty sick after recently losing my dad. and realized while reading it, due to a set of difficult circumstances I didn't give a proper good by to him. thank you very much for sharing. and very sorry for the loss of your friend.

Kaaren said...

I discovered this lovely poem while looking for a poem Marilyn Geist wrote in 1998 called 'Standing Stones'. I am doubly blessed.