Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hillside, Sun and Blowing Snow

What an unexpected gift it is, this bitterly cold and diamond bright day with the sun shining through the snow blowing across the hills and through the trees.

One stands out of the wind whispering the descriptive words like a mantra, and they confer a blessing, a sense of comfort and balance on an icy day in January: winter, sunshine, very cold, hills and trees and blowing snow.

Of course, one has to dress properly for such a day, muffled up in multitudinous layers of clothing and looking like a yeti.


Anonymous said...

Now Cate - if I had that warm looking fur of a Yeti maybe I wouldn't mind being outside today! I googled yeti images and couldn't decide which one I'd rather look like! Stay warm.
Jane in Ottawa

Still thinking said...

The picture is quite delicate, beautiful. I have rarely seen snow and certainly nothing like this.

Hope you are regaining full strength and vitality :)

Alcester nature photography. said...

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Cheers Colin.