Sunday, November 01, 2009

November Morning

Only on the threshold of winter may one perch in her window with tea in hand, reveling in morning skies like these.

The intense clouds of rose and violet and indigo are sumptuous beyond reckoning or description. Burnished with gold, they are anointed from time to time with exuberant stipplings of Canada geese flying away into the stubble corn fields and singing as they go.

Such mornings make one feel very small in the greater scheme of things and rich beyond all earthly measure.


Anonymous said...

That does, indeed, look like a winter sky.


Still thinking said...

I know these mornings well. They are the most precious time of day for me. Sacred times.

Hope you are well, Cate. You mentioned surgery some time ago and I wondered if this is all over for you now.

Many blessings

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Your images and gift of words are such a blessing for me.
Sending blessings to your world.

Artiseternal said...

I looked through several of your postings last night and I'm always awed at your vision in capturing imagery.
You seem to get spectacular sunsets where you are. I miss them here. My house is enclosed on three sides with trees. I hate to complain about that because they are a blessing in the summer, keeping the property cooler than those out in the bare sun, but they do enclose. I miss seeing the wide open sky and have to go out to the dikes to wander for more open, expansive views.

Mel said...

Your lovely morning palatte matches my evening sunsets! My morning rise is bkocked by forest, but I have a view to fabulous sunsets. I never grow tired of watching the colors meld into darkness. Thanks for sharing these.

Mel said...

oh, I hate to misspell - palate!