Thursday, October 15, 2009


There are times when Life throws one a curve or two, and this has been one of those times.

For the last several weeks, I've been contending with serious health issues, and just to make existence a little more interesting, my computer expired without warning on the weekend. I was in no shape to try and work out the techie problems and was compelled to leave the darned box turned off while I developed a little strength and enough focus to address the issues.

As of a few minutes ago, the computer is working again, but it is anything but reliable. In the next few days, I shall have to reformat the hard drive and start over from scratch, restoring archived data from my library and reinstalling a thousand and one programs. I am mapping the whole process out now so that I can proceed in an orderly fashion.

It appears too that I shall require invasive surgery at some point in the next several weeks and life away from the computer these days is a swaying forest of medical appointments, forms and tests. So far, the surgery is scheduled for December 10th, the day before my birthday.

I have so missed all of you! It is good to be back in the realm of blog.


Anonymous said...

My dear Cate,
My mind is pushing all the positive energies I have towards you. If you need anything, anything at all, please call me. Let your soul mate know as well. If you are feeling down after the operation, call me and I will come right away. Let me know where please.

It's funny you called this one "Sometimes". The saying that comes to my mind is "Somestimes things happen, and sometimes you gotta let them happen. And, most of the time, things happen for a good reason."

My love goes out to you, call me.

Your Soul Sister...

Heather said...

I am so glad you are back blogging again. I was worried when you didn't post for a few days, and was relieved to hear that nothing catastrophic had happened. Good luck with your surgery and with getting your computer back on track. I will try to send positive energy your way!

Delphyne said...

Yikes - invasive surgery. I am sorry to hear that this is necessary and am sending healing energy your way. Take care of yourself and all the best to you...

GreenishLady said...

Dear Cate, I too am so sorry to hear you are facing this, but I am hoping that all will be well, and sending you thoughts and prayers for strength and healing. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Healing blessings and the light of hope dear Cate. On the day of your surgery, candles will be lit for you:

Words from Carlos Castaneda:

"When it all seems impossible, focus on the point in front of you. Follow it like a hawk and forget everything else."


Carolyn H said...


I'm sorry to hear about your health issues (and the computer ones, too). I hope your recovery goes quickly and well. Take are.

Carolyn h.

Barbara Anne said...

Oh dear Cate!

Sorry this unwelcome business is ahead but hope it's the solution to your ills and that you'll be fine to again walk your woods after you heal.

I missed you and am glad you're back. My hat's off to you if you can think your way thru resurrecting your computer. Good luck!

beth from still life pond said...

It seems an appropriate time to finally say how much I love your blog and photographs, and look forward to your posts. I've been following for a couple of years.

We touch each others lives in ways we never know. So I am sure an abundance of warm thoughts and healing wishes will be sent to you--mine included.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Cate, healing wishes and continous prayers are being sent your way.
I am so sorry you have to go through this. Wish I lived close and could do something for you.
You have brought so much enjoyment and encouragment into my life.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the need for surgery. I'll be thinking of you.

jzr said...

peace and good health to you.

Unknown said...

Peace and positive healing vibes coming your way! You must get well Cate,you are such an inspiration to those you don't even know!

Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Sending you humongous waves of healing and serenity for these challenging times. I so appreciate this beautiful space you have created. May the gifts you have so generously shared here return to you sevenfold.

Thank you for your vision and voice.

Love, blessings, healing to you,
- Beth

Cindy R said...

I will send Reiki your way, now and for the surgery. Your blog--and you--are a gift and inspiration to so many people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cate,
I love your blog, and love seeing your view of your life there where you live.

I'm not much of a commenter, but wanted to wish you well for good health and a quick recovery. Also I admire your determination with your computer.
Wishing you all the best,

Lee said...

Wishing you health and ease and comfort for now and the days ahead.

nanakin1 said...

Sending blessings and strength your way.
Nancy Scott (nanakin1)

Still thinking said...

Cate, all love and healing blessings.

Jill said...

Sending love and many hugs your way. Like the others I enjoy your outlook and your blog. Be well

Anonymous said...

Another one of many, I am sending serene thoughts and positive energy to you from the other side of the world. Also sending you one of my favorite blessings: "May the long time sun shine upon you; all love surround you and the pure light within you, guide your way on."
Peace and good health.
Love, Sarah in Singapore

Anonymous said...

Dear Cate;
I like so many others, is sending you healing vibes. You are truly a gift to so many of us. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Debbie said...

Popping by for a visit on this chilly, sunny fall day and wishing you well, dear one.

I hold you in my heart with much tenderness. Sending love and prayers too.

Much love,
Prairie Star

restoration42 said...

Your blog is one of my all time favorites, it brings the magic of the earth to the cyber universe. May your health be fully restored. Many hearts will be with you throughout your surgery and recovery.

Loren said...

Hate it when problems pile up like that, but glad to see your blog back on line.

I'm afraid all surgery is invasive, but hopefully it will resolve your problems in the long run. I know that mine have all turned out for the best, though they certainly didn't seem that way at first.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I no longer have a computer myself and rarely get to check blogs any more so I'm just seeing this. Add mine to all the best wishes.

Aiyana said...

Good luck with your upcoming surgery. Hope it goes well and you are back to living your normal life shortly.

Rowan said...

I'm so sorry to read about your health problems and the need for surgery - I hope that all goes well and that you will spend the winter in your beloved highlands helping all your wild friends to survive the rigours of the cold season. I shall send healing energy your way and you will be in my thoughts dear friend.

Anonymous said...


Invasive surgery. . .take care of yourself - body and soul. Life is always throwing us curves and for a reason.

I'll miss you while you are away getting ready for the surgery, assuming days out of commission and the healing process.


What in the World said...

Dear Cate,
Sending Many good wishes for Perfect Health, and lots of Love to you!
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank You for your Incredibly Beautiful posts!
Mary Fran