Friday, October 16, 2009


Eastern Gray Squirrel
(Sciurus carolinensis)

Some of the most amusing daily occurrences of the last week (while the computer was down and I was sick indoors) have involved the athletic antics of local gray squirrels who haunt feeders behind the little blue house in the village, contending with cardinals, chickadees and the resident chipmunks for sunflower seed, suet and millet.

The feeders are suspended "squirrel proof" creations, and it is hilarious to watch the squirrels attempting to teach the seed, sometimes hanging upside down from the crossbars and reaching frantically for the seed trays, occasionally falling off and landing on the veranda railing where they sit, squawking and complaining. This morning's visitor treated me to a long and winding ballad about the indignities heaped upon the head of a hungry sciurus in October.


Delphyne said...

I love squirrels - they are so comical to watch. They remind me of Aikido players at times with some of their maneuvers. I have one that sits like that on my mailbox, peering into the window, begging for a peanut or walnut. I happily oblige as I am their slave!

Barbara Anne said...

Squirrels are the clowns of the local wild kingdom, aren't they?! Years ago there were two of the funniest PBS shows about squirrels and bird feeders, the various contraptions build to confound the squirrels, and the clever solutions the squirrels devised to win and get the seed. Too funny!

I'm glad you had some silly arboreal neighbors to brighten your sick days.

Be well!

Sarah said...

Amazing pic! Just feed the little guy! lol!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back! Let your loyal readers know how we can help you.

Sending love and light to you.

~Flaneuse in DC

Anonymous said...

Dear Cate,
You have given me a scare my dear. I love you, and I want you to be well. This will go very well, don't you worry. Lots of love.

Artiseternal said...

What a fat little guy. It looks like he is well fed for a hard winter ahead.