Sunday, July 26, 2009


Spencer has just turned three, which makes him about twenty-one in human years. He is a loving attentive companion on our woodland rambles. He is also a fierce protector of his home, his tribe and his garden.

By necessity, the two images in this post are fairly small, but clicking on them will give you a better idea of what a beautiful boy our furry son is.


Anonymous said...

I clicked--great photos, what an interesting looking fellow with the solid face and tail and long tweedy body. Wonderful.

Tabor said...

he certainly is very healthy and handsome.

Still thinking said...

He is very good looking and happy as well. I remember when you got him and always look for news of him. It was delightful when you included a picture of him on the page itself.

Companion animals are wonderful gifts to the spirit. I have a cat and couldn't imagine life without her now.

Blessings to Spencer and his tribe :) May you have many more years together.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Boy! What a delightful companion he looks.
Sarah in Singapore

looking for beauty said...

How could you ever refuse Spenser anything, with those sad, soul searching eyes?

Rowan said...

Such a handsome boy and a lovely gentle face too.