Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dancing With the Wind

Sometimes, the most pleasing thing of all in a photo is a slight, even great, imperfection. Here it is the bee trying to land among the purple coneflowers and being blown about in the windy garden behind the little blue house in the village.

I hesitate to describe it as "wabi sabi", but that is as valid an expression as any for these late July days with their cloudy skies and soggy foliage. Implicit in such images and times are notions of imperfection, impermanence and completion unrealized - a sense of the fleeting nature of things, of their transience.

1 comment:

hele said...

this makes my heart feel so many things - all of them hovering above my consciousness like the bee in your picture.

i am leaving this post up as i close my computer and rush out the door knowing that it will be waiting for another read when i get home makes me happy.