Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wild Tidings

We (Spencer and I) are presently up to our eyebrows in deluxe card and photo stock, archival inks, glue dots, gift boxes and raffia bows. What I once envisioned as a fairly small and limited undertaking providing me with a few hours of creative pottering now and again is expanding to become a significant proportion of what the KerrdeLune Design Works is up to these days.

The images on the limited edition blank cards are culled from my photographic ramblings, and we are calling the enterprise "Wild Tidings"... and so it is that we go about these days with preoccupied expressions and glue dots stuck all over ourselves.


Lil said...

beautiful Cate ~ I just love what "wild tidings" invokes in my mind!

xo Lil

Anonymous said...

"Wild tidings" -- very catchy phrase to use.

Sky said...

lol@the glue dots.

congrats on the success you are enjoying. hope spencer is doing his part! :)

kerrdelune said...

Spencer's influence and his participation are crucial. He offers encouragement (and criticism when needed) - he gives hugs and kisses and great big bags of unconditional doggy love.

Anonymous said...

I'm a stationery nut, always looking for something beautiful and different. Do you sell these, by any chance?

~Flaneuse in DC