Tuesday, October 07, 2008

At Large, At Small

Spencer, our new son, is coming along beautifully. He has put on weight and muscle, and he loves this new life with its wide rolling fields and woods to run freely in, its hedgerows to explore and its deep blue rivers to gaze into on a cold October morning. He goes about his wild potterings, as free as a bird, beaming from ear to ear and with his tail in constant expressive motion - he is as attentive to a bumble bee in the wild asters as he is to mountains and moonrises.

He is still nervous around strangers and rather shy, but he is learning that the world is a wonderful place after all, and he is recovering (in the words of Barbara Kingsolver) his wordless trust in the largeness of life, in its willingness to take him in. He is beginning to understand that he is much loved and that there are many sunny days, blue skies and fine adventures ahead of him. The change in him after only a few weeks is remarkable, and it is a heartwarming thing to witness.

Like my dearest departed Cassie (who is always along on our morning walks with us in spirit), Spencer is turning out to be a wise and loving teacher, and I suspect I shall be learning much from him.


Anonymous said...


I wish you the best for your new friend. He is very beautiful. I like the words how you talk about him.

Best wishes
send you

Sorrow said...

We have added another four legged friend to our pack. he was found in a clear cut, terribly under weight, but full of life and a gentle disposition.
It is so humbling when they put such trust in us, and I am moved when i rub his xylophone ribs and he just smiles at me.
we have named him Sigh.

Quiet said...

Spencer looks so beautiful in this picture. Animals have so much to teach us. They truly live in the moment and their love, once given, is unconditional. I have a cat being unable to have a dog but the giving and teaching is similar. Her companionship is beyond price.

Anonymous said...

He is a wonder boy and is absolutely gorgeous. I am ever so happy for you! Modron/Sandi

Amberchlopaz said...

He is gorgeous!

Sky said...

i left comments on this post earlier, but i don't see them. blogger must be acting up.

spencer looks very healthy and alert in addition to being a dashing young man! i am so glad his life is now filled with fun exploration and a sense of dependable nurturing. it must be such a relief for him to feel secure as he learns more about his world.

isn't that magical healer known as love just grand in its simplicity? spencer both finds and brings amazing gifts. lucky ducks you both are! :)

Linda G. said...

I've missed coming here where your lovely pictures and poetic prose reminds me that, no matter how hectic, sad, or unsettled life may be there is limitless peace to be found in the beauty of nature.
Spencer looks exactly like my husband's beloved German Shorthair, Gabe, who left us many years ago. Give his silky ear a scratch from us and enjoy your new companion!

hele said...

This post made me sigh a deep happy sigh especially the attention to bumblebees, mountains and the moon.

Rowan said...

How lovely to come back to reading blogs to discover that you have a new friend and companion. Spencer is a handsome boy, I like pointers, they are excellent dogs. I'm sure you will bring each other a lot of happiness.