Monday, February 25, 2008

Turnings Great and Small

From a distance, these end-of-February woodlands look much the same as they did at end of December and January, but standing here now, one can hear and see the difference: the color and texture of the snow, its aroma and its sparkle, the length and depth of tree shadows across the landscape, the warmth of the slowly strengthening sun above as it shines down through the bare trees. The noticing of such things is (perhaps) a function of fine tuning one's lens and sensibilities to minute evolutionary changes in the natural order and the turning year, be those changes minute, quotidian or seasonal.

Somewhere further along the trail, the resident Great Horned Owls are nesting now - I have already heard them calling to each other, and this morning I heard a Saw-whet Owl somewhere just over the hill. Although we still have a fair bit of winter to get through here, it appears that springtime and the maple sugar season are on their way.


akash said...

I am truly amazed by the consistency with which you draw
beauty out of landscapes .

Cathy said...

Lovely photo. Lovely narrative. The light returns. You needn't worry much longer about where to put the snow. It'll melt in Spring's warm embrace.

Anonymous said...

I feel in the woods, too.
Snow is forecast for us tonight, but here at the coast, we may get off easy.

Good luck with your internet connection!