Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Falling Gold

Now it begins, methinks. The first fallen leaf in my garden is golden, and it makes a splendid composition as it rests against the weathered boards of the deck this morning.

This first vibrant fallen gold of the season calls out for rapt attention, and it is complemented perfectly by the yellows and oranges of the squash, beans, tomatoes and pumpkins ripening in the garden, and even the sunlight overhead.

I've often wished that we human creatures were able to duplicate the colors on offer in the landscape in August, September and October, but alas, we cannot. Only the Old Wild Mother (Gaia) can create such magnificence, and she (thankfully) withholds nothing in her giving - she waves her wand and pours riotous color and fragrance over the entire landscape in autumn, golds, plums, russets and deep winey reds.

I am never certain which of Gaia's colors I love best, but there is no more perfect hue on this planet than the color of a Red Oak leaf in autumn, and gold of this Box Elder leaf is not far behind.

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