Monday, August 20, 2007

What a lovely thing! The beautiful Aisling of The Quiet Country House has honored this meandering place with a "Nice Matters Award, and I am delighted because nice (in the best sense of the word) matters, and it matters immensely in our daily doings with each other on this little blue planet. The world is not such a very big place after all, and we are always bumping into each other - a little niceness, courtesy, tolerance and compassion goes a very long way indeed, and there is always room for more.

In my turn, I am nominating my dear friend, my wild and wise sister, PlumpieMousie.


Marcie said...

Cate, I'm so glad you were pleased with the award. You certainly deserve it. Now, I'm off to check out the blog of your "wild and wise sister." :)

Lil said...

You too Cate?! You and your blog most definitely deserve this I've said before, it's such a nice cup of morning tea over here!

Lil xo

z-silverlight said...

I so enjoy your Blog. You are always, upbeat. And such lovely things.

Anonymous said...

Well deserved, my sister, well deserved indeed.

With love,
Prairie Star