Sunday, July 08, 2007

Green and Foggy Thoughts

It is raining steadily here this morning, and it has been raining all night, with fireworks and sound effects all the way through.

Alas the scribe is in a somewhat foggy and befuddled state this morning. My German Shorthair Pointer (and constant companion), Cassie, had an agitated night, and I was up for most of the dark hours with her, just holding her most of the time. My darling wee girl is somewhat elderly now, and a host of unhappy memories from her battered childhood have resurfaced. She is remembering being left outdoors as a puppy in her too-small crate during thunderstorms, and she remembers how terrified she was. As we age, such childhood memories (both happy and agonized) have a way of returning to us in all their intensities.

This mother has spent most of the night sitting in a nice secure windowless closet with her third daughter, and I really would not have it any other way, but this morning, I am not quite with it. Nevertheless, the day lilies in the garden are wonderful in the rain.


Marcie said...

Cate, I did not realize your Cassie was a German Shorthair Pointer. My Maude is a German Wirehair Pointer, so they may be distantly related! *grin* I'm glad she has you to comfort her through the storm. We had storms in the Great Lakes region of the US too. I added a photo of an orange day lily to my blog today also, but your close-up puts my photo to shame. What gorgeouness you have to share here today! :)

Lil said...

Just say the word Cate, and I'll send some reiki over...

Love & Light,

Steve Emery said...

Dogs are so much like people, in so many ways. Since they moved in with us humans, our packs have overlapped. I hope she sleeps through most of the summer's storms.

The day lily photos are beautiful. Ours are done, except some of the late hybrids. We're still 3 weeks or more ahead of you, here in North Carolina. I'm still watching your photos carefully to see when you catch up and pass us. Like a quicker, taller wave overtaking a slower, wider, more gradual one.