Thursday, November 23, 2006

Poetry Thursday - For Thanksgiving

I have been trying to read
the script cut in these hills —
a language carved in the shimmer of stubble
and the solid lines of soil, spoken
in the thud of apples falling
and the rasp of corn stalks finally bare.

The pheasants shout it with a rusty creak
as they gather in the fallen grain,
the blackbirds sing it
over their shoulders in parting,
and gold leaf illuminates the manuscript
where it is written in the trees.

Transcribed onto my human tongue
I believe it might sound like a lullaby,
or the simplest grace at table.
Across the gathering stillness
simply this:

"For all that we have received,
dear God, make us truly grateful."

Lynn Ungar, Thanksgiving

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. . . .


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I got shivers reading that poem. I get such a headache from the commercialization of Thanksgiving. Too many cars, too much store-bought food, too much rushing, too much crowding and travel. I am enjoying the day at home with the cat. Everyone seems to have left the estate. It's so quiet. I want to contemplate the things I'm grateful for. This poem is a point of entry.

Endment said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us today! I will plan to share it again as we gather together for our meal on this very quiet day.

May your day be filled with blessings.

Kim Antieau said...

Thanks, darlin'!

Maureen said...

kerrdelune, I am grateful for folks like you ... that poem is the perfect touch for today. we will have our thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with our two youngest (grown) kids and some of their friends. I have already printed this poem by Lynn Ungar, from you and, like Endment, will share it with my family tomorrow. I wish you peace and bountiful love today.

Maureen said...

and a Happy
Thanksgiving to you and all of your blog readers, as well. And ... a great (non commercial) day-after Thanksgiving! :-)