Friday, November 24, 2006

Mama Says Om - Inside

The days are drawing shorter and colder, and the summer campfires I loved so much are only a fragrant crackling memory. The wind is howling in the eaves this morning, and at this time of the year (at least here in the north), one begins to ponder hibernation processes and notions of sleeping peacefully through the winter in a warm dry cave somewhere, shielded from ice and wind and snow.

It is good to be inside and curled up by fireplace or woodstove, stacks of firewood and pots of tea close by, reading materials heaped up on the library table. If I listen carefully, I can hear small daughters (now grown and flown) laughing somewhere, past scrabble and monopoly games being played out on the old Oriental carpet near the fireplace and animated discussions about whose turn it is to get up and heat the cider or make hot chocolate.

This is the best time of the whole turning year for revisiting good memories, for reading and drinking tea, for peaceful slumber and dreaming under one's heirloom quilt, for pondering natural cycles and indulging in deep thoughts about change, evolution and the journey we are all on together. We are all carrying a lot of baggage, but more importantly, but we hold forever within ourselves a great storehouse of treasured memories, of who and what we have loved in our time here.

Written for Mama Says Om.


Rowan said...

This is another lovely post, how could anyone not like winter after reading that? It all sounds so cosy and peaceful and good. Sorry I'm not commenting much lately, partly life has taken a hectic turn and partly Blogger frequently won't allow me to comment. Hope you are taking good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

(2nd attempt to post a comment)
Yes, hibernation processes. We are soon coming to that time when we'll be wanting that warm dry cave. This week, I've been feeling very aware of the shortening days and the low angle of the sunlight. The clothes on the line seem to be taking forever to dry!

Anonymous said...

We managed to enjoy a warm campfire on Friday with the boys. Aside from the leaves being gone from the trees, it hardly seemed that winter was just around the corner. It will come soon enuf though.

RITA LOEHR said...

I read your blog daily but have never commented. I enjoy your writing and pictures so much. The picture on this post is just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up after a long absence. I'm having to discipline myself to write and read these days, for some whacky reason. But I always enjoy visiting here.hh

Steven Crisp said...

What a truly spectactular photograph. I can't quite make out what it is, but nevertheless, it's enticing, and makes me feel safe and warm. And yes, I feel as if I am looking out from the inside of a cozy abode. Thanks for sharing such creativity.