Friday, October 27, 2006

Mama Says Om - Invisible

It's early Friday morning and Blogger is not working - I can't upload photos for the theme at Mama Says Om this week, which is "invisible". Although there are at least two images waiting in the wings and many more possibles for this theme, there is no way of getting them from there to here, or is that from here to there?

It would appear (sigh) that this morning, I am destined to be invisible. Colour me invisible, transparent and unseen, but present nevertheless.


Rowan said...

I'm having similar problems, I can't get into my blog to edit it, can't read or leave comments on some blogs and last night I couldn't even read any blogs. I don't know what they are playing at But I wish they'd get it sorted as it's extremely annoying.

GreenishLady said...

A-ha. So your pictures have to remain invisible. Synchronicity, I think. But it's frustrating, trying to upload the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Just love the photography. Today I took my grandson out for a walk (he is 22 months) and on the way home I let him out of the stroller and he kicked the leaves. I showed him how. The rustling. I love that about the fall. I hope you might come and vist me at ... I am just getting into the blogging - so hope I am not breaking any rules by inviting you. I speak of Gaia in my book. Best regards Barbara from New Brunswick - Canada

Endment said...

Tried all last evening to comment but blogger is still being ______!

I do miss your photos

Your words paint rainbows and Beautiful scenes in my mind :)