Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Deep Bronze Rain

It's raining in the village today, and my departure from the realms of Morphius was a little later than usual. I am tempted to attribute such sloth to the frenetic "toing and froing" of Thanksgiving weekend, but it is more likely that dense clouds, steady rainfall, shorter days and the swiftly turning season rest at the roots of my idle reclining underneath the heirloom quilts this morning — I seem to be sliding gently into hibernation mode as I always do at this time of year.

Like the squirrels, I am not a true hibernator and can be glimpsed from time to time pottering around among the fallen leaves and gazing intently into hedgerows for other motifs of the season, but usually when the sun is shining. These days, there are signs everywhere in the village of our annual turning toward the long nights: the fallen red and copper leaves in the garden, the deep purple foliage and indigo berries of the wild grapevines along the old cedar fence, the hostas leaping merrily into golden yellow, the ash tree standing straight and tall and proud without its summer garments.

In springtime, the rain was lapis lazuli blue and in summer, it was emerald green — in autumn, it is a splendid topazy bronze with hints of golden sapphire and carnelian red, and every raindrop is a jewel unset.

The weekly haiku (in this case tanka) offering is here.


Rowan said...

What a wonderful post - it describes both me and the weather here at the moment even though we are on opposite sides of the pond I came here via Greenish Lady and shall spend some time reading earlier posts - you sound like a kindred spirit.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon kerrdelune,

I'm reading your post and looking outside as the afternoon dissolves into grey, and slate grey and misty grey.

This was an exceptionally beautiful post. So visual. So accepting. You make me see the colors that I believe to have disappeared.

I feel refreshed. Thank you for this writing.

Tabor said...

That first photo is so wonderfully transitional into the holiday seasons which are approaching. How does your eye see that?? I also have always loved the bed snuggle delay during the fall mornings.

Anonymous said...

I can identify with the hibernation part, although I've slowly emerged from my funky mood and I'm up and running. Ah, that's right--you Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day than Americans. When do they celebrate in England, do you know?

Beautiful tanka, although I'm unfamiliar with the form. Can you tell me how it goes? I'm too lazy to Google.

Anonymous said...

The raindrops look like faeries!

harmonyinline said...

I feel like hibernating lately allso. lovely photos

Anonymous said...

Those photos are simply stunning!