Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Rambles

The entire past weekend has been a gift of sunlight, brilliant colour and community, one to give thanks for.

The clan were home for a truly festive Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, and we followed our festivities (as usual) with several hours of rambling in the woods in Lanark yesterday, wandering for several miles up and down rocky gorges, along beaver ponds, over golden leafy ridges adrift in fallen leaves and through groves of old trees. We returned home late yesterday afternoon with the sweet and spicy fragrance of the autumn forest in our nostrils and sunlight still dancing behind our eyelids, with light hearts and not a little Thanksgiving in our thoughts.

One partakes of October riches with a full heart, knowing that the outward manifestation of autumn abundance is brief. Watching the lengthening shadows flow through honeyed sunshine over the trees and across the beaver pond this weekend, I was conscious of how fleeting, exquisite and poignant are these short autumn days. I was conscious too, that as much I want to share all these wonders, I shall never be able to do so adequately in either words or photos. One just has to be here to see it all and take it all in. The task then (if perchance one is a northern dweller) is to perform a seasonal alchemy of one's own which forges an inner, enduring and characteristically northern abundance — one which will nurture and sustain the spirit through the long cold nights of winter.

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