Friday, December 09, 2005

The Office Buddhas

As the Solstice approaches and the year draws to a close, I am preparing to depart from the downtown law firm where I have been employed for so long, and clearing out my office is a bittersweet experience, one which is chock full of memories.

Rather than just carting everything back to the little blue house, I am finding good homes for most of the items in my office - art, hangings, plants, figurines, books and photos are slowly disappearing from my lair and reappearing in other offices and at work stations all over the firm. My Zen fountain and clock, salt lamp and most of the office Buddhas have already found new and loving homes, and it makes me happy to think that they will continue to bring pleasure (and hopefully some measure of serenity) to friends and colleagues after I go.

This was my favourite corner of the office. When matters at work were out of control (as they so often were over the years), this vista sustained me. These three are definitely going home with me on December 23. . . .

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