Thursday, December 08, 2005

December's Turning Point

After a time of decay comes the turning point. The powerful light that has been banished returns. There is movement, but it is not brought about by force. . . . the movement is natural, arising spontaneously. For this reason the transformation of the old becomes easy. . . .

The idea of RETURN is based on the course of nature. The movement is cyclical, and the course completes itself. Therefore it is not necessary to hasten anything artificially. Everything comes of itself at the appointed time. This is the meaning of heaven and earth. . . .

The winter solstice has always been celebrated in China as the resting time of the year. . . . In winter the life energy. . . . is still underground. Movement is just at its beginning; therefore it must be strengthened by rest, so that it will not be dissipated by being used prematurely. . . . The return of health after illness, the return of understanding after an estrangement; everything must be treated tenderly and with care at the beginning, so that the return may lead to a flowering.
I Ching, Fu - Return (The Turning Point)

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