The Forest of Books

The Spell of the Sensuous, David Abram
Becoming Animal: An earthly Cosmology, , David Abram
A Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman
An Alchemy of Mind, Diane Ackerman
Cultivating Delight: A Natural History of My Garden, Diane Ackerman
Deep Play, Diane Ackerman
Dawn Light, Diane Ackerman
The Human Age, Diane Ackerman

The Oxford Book of Days, Bonnie Blackburn and Leofranc Holford-Strevens
The Tree of Meaning, Robert Bringhurst
The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst
Everywhere Being Is Dancing, Robert Bringhurst

Hestia Come Home, Jerrilee Cain
Faith, Madness, and Spontaneous Human Combustion, Gerald Callahan
The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron
Finding Water, Julia Cameron
The Vein of Gold, Julia Cameron
Walking in This World, Julia Cameron,
The Edge of the Sea, Rachel Carson
Silent Spring, Rachel Carson,
The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carson,
The Sense of Wonder, Rachel Carson
The Songlines, Bruce Chatwin
Common Ground, Rob Cowen

Notes From Walnut Tree Farm, Roger Deakin
Wildwood, Roger Deakin
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Annie Dillard
The Writing Life, Annie Dillard
The Way of the Traveller, Joseph Dispenza
Effortless Beauty, Julie Dubose

Field Notes From the Edge, Paul Evans

A Time of Gifts, Patrick Leigh Fermor
Art and Soul: Notes on Creating, Audrey Flack
The Awakened Eye, Frederick Franck 
Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation, Frederick Franck

The Voice That Thunders, Alan Garner
Wild Mind, Natalie Goldberg
Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg
A Touch of Wonder, Arthur Gordon
Wild: An Elemental Journey, Jay Griffiths

Animate Earth, Stephen Harding
Blessed Unrest, Paul Hawken
A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking
Room to Fly: A Transcultural Memoir, Padma Hejmadi
Zen in the Art of Archery, Eugene Herrigel
Photography as Meditation, Torsten Andreas Hoffmann
The Dove in the Stone, Alice O. Howell
The Gift, Lewis Hyde

The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere, Pico Iyer

Touched With Fire, Kay Redfield Jamison

Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer
Small Wonder, Barbara Kingsolver
Beyond the Blue Horizon, E.C. Krupp
Echoes of the Ancient Skies, E.C. Krupp
Skywatchers, Shamans and Kings, E.C. Krupp

A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold
The Zen of Creativity, John Daido Loori
Teachings of the Earth: Zen and the Environment, John Daido Loori
Arctic Dreams, Barry Lopez

Holloway, Robert Macfarlane
Landmarks, Robert Macfarlane
Mountains of the Mind, Robert Macfarlane
The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot, Robert Macfarlane
The Wild Places, Robert Macfarlane
World as Lover, World as Self, Joanna Macy
Gossip from the Forest, Sarah Maitland

The Island Within, Richard Nelson
The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo
The Endless Practice, Mark Nepo
The Exquisite Risk, Mark Nepo
Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, Mark Nepo

Embracing Creation, Freeman Patterson
Odysseys, Freeman Patterson
Shadowlight, Freeman Patterson
The Architecture of Natural Light, Henry Plummer
Cosmos of Light: The Sacred Architecture of Le Corbusier, Henry Plummer
Wabi Sabi Simple, Richard Powell

Ancient Woodland, Oliver Rackham
The Soul of the Night, Chet Raymo

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, Paul Reps and Nyogen Senzaki
Cosmos, Carl Sagan
Journal of a  Solitude, May Sarton
Still Writing, Dani Shapiro
The Living Mountain, Nan Shepherd
A Field Guide to Getting Lost, Rebecca Solnit
Wanderlust, a History of Walking, Rebecca Solnit
The Faraway Nearby, Rebecca Solnit
Storming the Gates of Paradise, Landscapes for Politics, Rebecca Solnit
Awakening the Buddha Within, Lama Surya Das
Awakening to the Sacred, Lama Surya Das
Make Me One with Everything, Buddhist Meditations to Awaken, Surya Das
Zen Mind, Beginner Mind, Sunryu Suzuki

The Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp
Walden, Henry David Thoreau
Sweeping Changes, Gary Thorp
Walking Nature Home: A Life's Journey, Susan J. Tweit

The Mind in the Cave, David Lewis Williams
Finding Beauty in a Broken World, Terry Tempest Williams