Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Lilies of the Sun

Daylily (Hemerocallis fulva)

Why give such gorgeous creatures names like ditch lily, railroad lily, roadside lily, outhouse lily, and wash-house lily? Outhouse lily? Such sumptuous blooms deserve better, more elegant monikers. They should have names redolent of summer, sunlight and warmth, sweetness and vibrant color.

Sun worshipers of the highest order, daylilies don't bother to open in cloudy weather, and they remain tightly furled until the clouds roll away, and the sun comes out. The flowers last for only a day or two, but what a show they put on in the garden when they bloom, their spires rising from cool spinneys of arching green leaves, each stem crowned by gracefully swaying blooms with expansive golden hearts.

Dragonflies love daylilies, and at first light, it is not uncommon for the daylilies in our garden to be wearing dragonflies - the little dears are waiting for the rising sun to warm their wings and grant them the power of unfettered, swooping flight.

Could there a better way to begin a summer morning than to partake of early sunlight and warm one's wings on a lily in bloom? I think not. 

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Tabor said...

Some in our area are considered invasives because they spread everywhere there is sun, but they are surely lovely and so easy to care for.