Sunday, June 09, 2024

Sunday, Saying Yes to the World

We tend to think of landscapes as affecting us most strongly when we are in them or on them, when they offer us the primary sensations of touch and sight. But there are also the landscapes we bear with us in absentia, those places that live on in memory long after they have withdrawn in actuality, and such places – retreated to most often when we are most remote from them – are among the most important landscapes we possess. Adam Nicolson has written of the ‘powerful absence[s]’ that remembered landscapes exert upon us, but they exist as powerful presences too, with which we maintain deep and abiding attachments. These, perhaps, are the landscapes in which we live the longest, warped though they are by time and abraded though they are by distance. The consolation of recollected places finds its expression frequently in the accounts of those – exiles, prisoners, the ill, the elderly – who can no longer reach the places that sustain them.

Robert Macfarlane, The Old Ways: A Journey On Foot


Mystic Meandering said...

"...the elderly - who can no longer reach the places that sustain them."
Oh yes... I *feel* this, as I am no longer able to walk in places that use to comfort and sustain me.

Keep on trekking Dear Cate !

Blondi Blathers said...

For sure. I can't look forward to the day when I may not have all this space around me.

Gill said...


Debbie Grace said...

This is so beautiful, Nokomis!

Thank you for sharing this wise quote.