Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Alight From Within

The world is pearly grey, and there is rain in the forecast, but rumors of snowfall rather than rainfall persist. We watch skies, listen to local news broadcasts and monitor online networks for updates on the weather fronts heading our way from places further west and north. Rain would be a blessing, but it was rather a dry winter, so precipitation of any kind would be a fine thing, and that includes snow.

In the kitchen, coffee is in progress and the fragrance of freshly ground espresso beans tickles my freckled nose.  The sound of Mozart's opera The Magic Flute fills the air, and as I lurch about and froth milk for the morning cuppa, I find myself thinking of bird catchers, enchanted flutes, silver bells, and the Queen of the Night.

Mozart's opera is grand stuff, but something more is needed this morning, something that invokes springtime and summons sunlight into this (so far) dreary day. A pot of tulips in red and creamy yellow is the perfect response to such weather. Alight from within, the velvety blooms are jeweled lanterns in the window, and they glow.


Barbara Rogers said...

Good morning and thanks for the lovely tulip pictures...yes, lanterns of color!

cheryl said...

Sweet heavens those are the most beautiful twolips I have seen. They are glorious and very welcoming to banish the nasty weather bearing down on us.

francesray.substack.com said...

Beautiful, Cate...the tulips and your words. There has been nothing but talk about the impending threats of spring snow, enough to darken one's mood. Thank goodness for the tulips.