Tuesday, February 13, 2024

For Valentine's Day

My soulmate and I usually didn't do anything lavish or opulent for Valentine's Day, and that was just fine with us.

I made a card for him with one of my photos or graphic designs, brewed a special pot of something, carved a heart into a piece of fruit (usually an apple or a pear). I made tiny cookies in heart shapes. We shared a single piece of scrumptious (organic) dark chocolate and then went for a long walk in the snowy woods with our beloved canine companions, first Cassie, then Spencer, then (and now) Beau.

There were no special declarations of love on February 14th because we said so every day, and we were content with the way this day unfolded. There were no frilly gestures, gifts and lovey-dovey words. We knew how we felt, how good we were together, how blessed we were to have found each other so many years ago.

Irv traveled on ahead some time ago, but as always, there is a handmade card on his bureau. I will carve a heart on a McIntosh apple tomorrow and put it on the old oak table along with a mug of festive punch and a plate of his favorite cookies. Since there is no one to share a lovely bit of dark chocolate with, there will be no chocolate tomorrow. A mug of hot chocolate after dinner as usual, but that is all. 

Beau and I will take a long walk in the woods in the afternoon, and as always, there will be three of us on the trail. My soulmate will be with us, but he will be tucked in my pocket, and he won't leave any tracks in the snow. We will tell him we love him as we did every day when he was here on earth, and as we still do every day. I will love the man from the bottom of my heart as long as I live and beyond.

Wishing you deep and everlasting love too.


Blondi Blathers said...

Sorry, it posted too late to fix a typo so I deleted it ... I was saying your entry is lovely and bittersweet and that you are a smart lady to keep Irv in your heart and thoughts now and not just in the past, and even though you say there is no b.s. happening at your end, I'm sending you an x and an o anyway.

Kameshwari said...

This was such a beautiful Valentine's Day post. Perfect timing for me to read ahead of the day. It was lovely to read the names of your partner and your previous canine companions. Tomorrow, on Valentines Day, I'll think of you as you hike along trails in the woods, with Beau and the angels that grace your life. If I were you, I would have a bit of that chocolate, that had been part of your tradition.

Sending hugs and love.

francesray.substack.com said...

This is so beautiful,Cate and my eyes are filled with tears. Nothing could be better on this day.


Jennifer said...

Your love story (yours and Irv's) is so beautiful. This touched my heart.

Karen Hall said...

Sorry I am, as ever, late - sending love and hugs