Monday, January 22, 2024

Sequestered, Week 196 (CXCVI)

It is a little after six in the morning, and the world beyond the windows is still dark and very cold. My canine companion went out to the garden briefly, but he is happy to be indoors, to curl up in the warmth and wait for a plate of hot buttered toast to appear. His eyes follow me as I tuck two slices of sourdough bread into the toaster. From his point of view, the good stuff in the middle is his, and I can have the crusts.

I pull the draperies open and light a candle, brew a splendid, milky beaker of masala chai. Small rituals are comforting, and they are a fine way to start a winter day. The cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods and dear little stars of anise tickle my freckled nose and make me smile. Whatever this late January day brings, Beau and I are ready.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Just a heads up...blogger listed your Wed. post, which wasn't available, instead of this one. Lovely sounding morning!