Thursday, October 26, 2023

Thursday Poem - All Hallows Eve

Night of the void between the worlds,
night when the veil between the worlds is
stirring, lifting, when the old year shrivels and
fades, and the new year has not yet begun,

when light takes the form of darkness,
when the last light sinks into darkness
like spilled water, disappears in the leaves,
in the hot secret runs of earth underneath.

when grandmothers rise like mist, the silent
grandmothers with soft tongues of fog
in the ear, claiming nothing for themselves,
or complaining that they were abandoned,

when children go out clothed in darkness,
the children with sweet orange lips slip among
whispers, go out with wavering candles
among crosses and mossy eyes in stone,

when children go out in the mist, the
children tasting of candy, of carelessly
spilled dreams, the children like faraway
stars flaming into the soft folds of darkness.

Dolores Stewart (Riccio), from Doors to the Universe