Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Seeing Red in June

June would not be June without clay pots, boxes and planters of red geraniums (cranesbills) blooming at the entrances of houses in the village. Here we are again, pottering along in June and heading toward another summer solstice, and there are geraniums everywhere.

On early morning walks, Beau and I have noticed that many of this year's geranium offerings are attended by purple petunias and marigolds. There are also some splendid coleuses in rainbow shades, and sometimes all four dwell comfortably in the same pot, geraniums, petunias, marigold and coleus. What a riot of aestival color!

My gypsy soul craves spectacular coleus strains like "Dragon Heart, "Rainbow Dragon", "Kingswood Torch" and "Chocolate Covered Cherry", and I am looking for other places in the garden to plant them this year. Ditto some of the more arty amaranth varieties in local nurseries like "Joseph's Coat", "Molten Fire" and "Early Splendor".

A pot of geraniums on our threshold is a long standing tradition, and every year, I think of their ancestors who graced our entry in years past and greeted everyone who came to the door. I remember their shape, their color, their texture, their green and rather peppery fragrance, their joyous flowering. They were perfect expressions of summer, and I thanked them. Happy blooming, everyone!


Pienosole said...

♥️ I can almost smell them. 😊

Blondi Blathers said...

Things are just starting to burst into bloom here, and with a heat wave now, and hail probable sometime, if not today ... who knows how well any of them will fare this summer. But that doesn't stop anyone from trying! Flowers are too beautiful to forgo. -Kate