Tuesday, May 09, 2023

For the Violets

My departed soulmate's favorite spring flowers were the violets in our garden, and they were his mother Nan's favorite too. Every year, he waited patiently for the little dears to flower and feasted his eyes on them for hours when they did. He would bend and inhale their delicate fragrance, then look up at me and say that violets are for love.

When I discovered the violets were blooming this week, I plunked myself down on the steps nearby and had a good cry. I don't weep gracefully, and I probably looked like Hades as I sat there, blubbering and sniffling and wailing and sore of heart. Beau curled against me as closely as he could, trying to comfort me as he always does at such times.

And so it goes... the violets are just being violets and doing what violets are meant to do on this earth, but they feel like a message from my soulmate, and I miss the man so. The days of the wee purples are fleeting, but oh, how they dazzle in their appointed time, spring in and spring out. Violets are for love, and love goes on


Gill said...


Barbara Rogers said...

Feeling your sorrow, missing loved ones. The violets are truely beautiful. My African violets inside give me color and joy all through the year...but spring flowers are simple joy!

Mystic Meandering said...

May the violets bring you blessings of Love from beyond to soothe your heart... 💕❤️💕

Blondi Blathers said...

Ohhhh that bittersweet longing ... I can only imagine the depths of it. It's only right to have such moments, but I'm glad they also pass ... thank goodness, or how would we go on. I'm so sorry, C.

Debbie Grace said...

Sending love to you, dearest Cate. ❤️