Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Cold Evening and Roof Adorned

Winter days and evenings are what one makes of them. It is cold and icy here, and there are drifts of deep blue snow everywhere, not ideal for rambling by any means. Our activities will be restricted for a few days after surgery anyway, so that is not an issue. At least, there are a few more minutes of blessed sunlight every day.

What to do??? Since I am not allowed to shovel snow, throw firewood around, vacuum or do any heavy lifting, there are books to read, gardens to plot, recipes to research, afternoon naps to take and some fine woolgathering to do. Ditto various mulled offerings, dear little cups of espresso, mugs of tea, fruity glasses of this and that with sunlight in their depths. Does anyone else use the word woolgathering these days?  

Winter sunsets are breathtaking, and they are cause for celebration. Beau and I watch them unfold, and we are reasonably contented. One of us (me) hurts a fair bit, but we are, by and large, happy with our lot. 

It is not that the world will be smaller for the next while - it is just that the Old Wild Mother is hugging us both to her a little more more closely.


Pienosole said...

Wishing you the best in your recovery after surgery. May you be warm, cozy, and peaceful. 😌❤️

Gill said...


Barbara Rogers said...

I do hope the hurt part goes away soon. Yes recovery does limit one's activities...and the brain stretches way beyond what the body can do! Thanks for the lovely double dipped icecycles.

Dee said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better and can soon return to your ramblings with sweet Beau.

Debbie Grace said...

Sending lots of warm, comfy thoughts... oodles of get well wishes, too!