Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sunday, Saying Yes to the World

The act of "seeing" for photography is of course like entering—no, not an other element but another facet of the same element, another vocabulary, visual this time, responding to the same abiding and indefinable source of art. "Every tool carries with it the spirit by which it was created", Heisenberg says in his Physics and Philosophy.

This spirit reveals a unity of expression deep enough to take in diversity—whether from one art to another or from one image to the next. Macro photography gets you so close to daily sights and objects that they change their shape and yield a mystery. A paperweight can produce a phantom. Ten inches of sand on a lakeshore can become cloud and coast and water. Water itself, close up, will offer anything from quicksilver, to amoebas, to knots and knurls of wood, to molten lava. The patterns and transformation prove endless.

Padma Hejmadi, from Room to Fly, A Transcultural Memoir 

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Tabor said...

It is almost always about the light and how it lands a little differently in the fall, for mr.