Saturday, June 18, 2022

And so it goes...

On a cold, bleak Saturday morning, the old guy in the garden smiles from his spot below the sun deck, the faithful gardener, not so much. Her bones protest the weather.

Early yesterday morning, the main household router expired, and several peripheral devices stopped working. There was no access to the internet on this computer, one wireless printer, two television sets (one on an Amazon firestick) and my smart watch. My Google nest (used mainly to set precise timers for baking) sat silently fuming, and there was no wifi access on my cell phone, ditto my eReader.

A telephone call or three to tech support established that my router was probably the culprit and an appointment with the mother company was made to replace it, but the earliest available time for a technician to come by was this morning. The new device has just been installed, and we are connected again. There will be some running about today to reconfigure everything, but we are good to go.

What to do? I was able to stay in touch with family members via cell phone, and I could check email on it, so that is just what I did. A dear friend dropped by at noon, and we went off to purchase lunch at a favorite vegetarian restaurant, The Green Door. While we were out, I found a lovely set of bamboo chimes for the old crabapple tree, then we came home for tea, munchies and fine conversation. Later I made another pot of tea and sat happily in the garden with Beau, a large mug of Earl Grey and a good book. The absence of working technical devices notwithstanding, it turned out to be a fine day, and Beau was delighted that I was not sitting here peering at a computer screen.

It is very cool here this morning, and there is rain in the offing. I am hoping to hear my new chimes sing when the wind blows, and now that my Google nest is working again, I can batch up molasses cookies and time their sojourn in the oven precisely. 

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