Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday, Saying Yes to the World

The truest and deepest way to weave ourselves back into the web of life on this planet, and the truest and deepest way to court the world soul which permeates it (and us), is to forge the truest and deepest relationship we can with the places where our feet are planted. Here and now. Today. Maybe not forever — who knows — but today. Where our feet are planted right now, in this place, in this moment, the only place and moment in which we're alive. To love the places we're in, whether we think this love will be forever or whether we imagine we're just passing through. Because those places are open to us, reaching for us. Relationship is at the heart of what the land longs for — the land is no different from the humans that walk in it and on it, looking always for meaningful connections. It goes both ways, what we feel for the land. It's a relationship. A two-way conversation. It’s not all about us. What WE feel. What WE need. The love goes both ways and so does the pain. This land is alive. That has consequences. It changes everything.

Sharon Blackie

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Diana Casabar said...

Thank you for this message today, Cate. It's been over a week of such strong Winds that we've begun to stay inside and swear ill oaths to its name, with a capital W. But, your quote from Sharon Blackie reminds me that "relationship is at the heart of what the land longs for." My memory is short, and I forget that yesterday, during my walk, I told my land base to go right ahead and wail for all that developers have done, yet, in the middle of the night it was I who wailed when I heard the Wind still going, and again this morning when I woke to the same Wind song/wail. I will try to keep this message close to my heart today. Thank you for reminding me.