Tuesday, March 22, 2022


There is certainly not much for them to eat right now, but the first flocks of Canada geese (Branta canadensishave arrived and taken up residence in soggy, windswept (and mostly still frozen) farm fields and along local waterways.

At sunset this week, the long "v" shapes of returning skeins trailed across the sky, one after another, magnificently silhouetted against the setting sun and drifting clouds. The skeins were high up and obviously coming from a great distance, but their homecoming songs could be heard clearly.

After dark, skies have been clear for the most part this week, and the moon is waning, close to full. Conditions for night flying are perfect, and the canny geese are taking advantage of the situation. The first thing Beau and I hear in the morning when we open our eyes before sunrise is joyous honking overhead, and it is music to our ears.

There is still cold weather ahead of us and many frosts, but it doesn't matter a fig or a twitter or a honk or a hoot - the great geese are coming home, and warmer, brighter times are on the way. So long to my empty nest syndrome, general grumpiness, restlessness and seasonal doldrums. The kids are back, hallelujah. Now where are my gardening catalogues? 

The image is from a few years ago, but it remains my favorite migration scene, a skein of returning geese silhouetted against clouds and setting sun. You can't hear it of course, but their song that evening was joyous, almost symphonic, and it made my heart glad. For all the hurt we do to Mother Earth, She still grants us moments like these.


Blondi Blathers said...

The pairs stand in the fields next to the road as I drive to and from town or work. They are so welcome! Every spring a pair checks out the dugout behind our house, but they don't nest there, alas. -Kate

Barbara Rogers said...

I've yet to see such a large skein of geese...but I do hear them when I'm walking, they sound so joyous as you say!

Tabor said...

Their "song" is indeed loud and sometimes they sound like they are coming from another part of the sky like a jet engine does. Our land is quiet now that they have left.

christinalfrutiger said...

That is one of your most beautiful photographs!