Saturday, March 05, 2022

Hail From the Summit

It could be the summit of Everest (Chomolungma), K2 (Chogori), Annapurna, Denali or Fitzroy (Cerro Chaltén), but it is the top of a snow mound of impressive stature here in the village. Children on the block enjoy climbing the colossus, and they sometimes stay up there for hours, dragging their toboggans up the steep slope behind them, sliding down into the adjoining yard, then doing it all again, time after time.

The kids wave at everyone who goes by, and when they see me in my study window across the street, they yell high-spirited greetings, always a cheerful and uplifting state of affairs on days when skies are grey, I am feeling under the weather, or I am am just plain old wintered out. My little friends are happy campers (or rather climbers) when their mountain goes on to greater heights, but the rest of us, not so much. Flinging snow that high with fulcrum and shovel after a snow storm takes some doing.

Last night, I dreamed a kaleidoscope of butterflies and moths had come to visit and had alighted on the wall in my study: giant silk moths, fritillaries, swallowtails, monarchs, skippers, mourning cloaks, hairstreaks. In the dream, my departed soulmate was with me, and we marveled at them together, paw in paw as we always were in life. 


Mystic Meandering said...

So poignant that you got to "visit" with your soulmate in another realm - what a gift that the dream came to you... Blessings!

Jim Cummings said...

This dream, amidst a series of weary late-winter posts, leads me to wonder whether you may be entering the “March” of your multi-year season of mourning/grief/honoring…..with an encouraging reminder from beau that spring is on its way….