Monday, January 10, 2022

Sequestered, Week 93 (XCIII)

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susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

It's time to start listening for the horned owls around here at night again. I look forward to hearing them at night each January. I imagine it is the same ones, or descendants of the ones that have come every year for years.

I also like hearing my nearby crows cawing early each morning. It is different from their neighborhood protection caw. I believe the ones we have are all from one family. They always are in the trees when I go outside and just watch me. I feel they know me. We had some workmen come to the house and they were working in the yard. All of "my" crows came and cawed and cawed at them,as if to say "go away, you don't belong here". One of the workmen even commented about "what was going on with those crows". I told him that the crows caw at people who come to our house that they don't now. The workman probably thought I was goofy. But it is true that the crows are always on day watch.