Friday, December 31, 2021

Haud Hogmanay, Happy New Year

Wishing you abundance, cheer and rude good health in the shiny new year about to begin, wishing you many a festive beaker (or a noggin or a dram) too. Be warm and safe this evening, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. Mind yourself!

Let us remember the bright spirits who left us in the last year or three and went on ahead to recce the sunny woodland trails on the other side. Let us give thanks for them being in our lives and send them our love when we raise our glasses. Let us give thanks for each other too. Community matters, matters more than ever in this plague year.

Be wise, be wild, be merry and light of heart. Walk in peace, and may there be many fine adventures on the road ahead of you. May every cup you hold next year contain a star or two and have a little light dancing in its depths. May all good things come to you and your clan (or tribe) in 2022. Blessed be.


Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for the lovely blessing. And may your next year also be simply wonder-ful. Happy New Year!

Belle said...

Blessed be, and a Happy New Year!