Monday, August 09, 2021


Sorry to whine a bit this morning, but the last few days have been unsettling and traumatic too. Sequestered??? Oh yes, sequestered and then some.

On the weekend, my trusty old computer processor failed, and the hard drive, companionable beast that it is, started to expire too, unleashing a veritable rain of unreadable files and the dreaded blue BIOS screen of no return. A whole pile of photography and graphic design embraced the void (or at least cannot be accessed), and to say I was a tad upset is something of an understatement.

Another computer has already made an appearance, and the new child does not even have a DVD drive. However, it is a lot faster than the old girl was, and it comes with a lot of shimmering rainbow-colored lights. Why couldn't I just have something a little more Zen, a simple CPU with a decent DVD drive/burner and fewer swirling lights?

My old hard drive has been liberated from its moorings and is going off to a friend who will try to recover the photos, documents and spreadsheets on it. I am thinking good thoughts and ordering a portable external DVD drive. Wish us luck!


Pienosole said...

Good luck! 🍀 😊

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you get it all back! That must be so disheartening. And for new computer what about a portable heard drive or cloud for backup? I used to use google drive and now use onedrive.

Barbara Rogers said...

I have 2 older laptops, with many saved photos on them. My latest computer guru said she has thumb drives that hold much more than my external hard drive (which is probably 10 years old). My dropbox is already full of photos, and I pay extra to Apple each month for more iCloud space. I do feel your pain...and know that it's certainly an experience to avoid if possible, but somehow seems to happen to us all (mostly unexpectedly!) Hang in there, friend.

Mystic Meandering said...

How frustrating! Grrrr... I;m not tech savvy, so I have no idea what I would do in such instances... Am so glad that a solution (?) is evolving... :)

Maggie Emm said...

I hope you get your photos back Cate and that you fall in love with your new machine friend! x

Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Oh my gosh! That is traumatic. Seriously!

Some time back, I lost nearly 15 years of files & photos in a total hard drive failure. It happened without warning one bright morning (the first day of Mercury retrograde, so I will never joke about that again!). I found a guy that recovered a lot of it, but I was absolutely freaked out.

Good techie people have magical superpowers that can help, and I hope you get it all sorted, and neatly restored. Your photos and musings are rare treasure, and if stores of them have fallen into the abyss, it would be heart-breaking.

Hoping for a happy ending, and joyful new beginning with the new kid. (You can always get an external CD/DVD drive). Sending good vibes ..

Marsha said...

Holding all possible good thoughts for you and your machines!