Friday, May 28, 2021

Friday Ramble - Falling

And so it goes . . . One day, the old crabapple is bare and forlorn, the next day it wears a multitude of tiny leaves. Almost overnight, the tree is covered with magenta blooms and buzzing with throngs of ecstatic, blissed-out bumbles, bees and wasps. Dusted with pollen from stem to stern, the little dears are in constant motion, ecstatic to be feeling sunlight on their wings and gathering nectar on a balmy morning in May.

Little by little, the flowers fade to a fine dusty pink. Along comes a summer breeze, and the crabapple symphony is over for another year. Fragile petals drift through the air like windblown confetti, coming to rest on hedges, gardens and verandas, on statuary and birdbaths, on pergolas and fountains, on one elderly gardener wearing a tattered straw hat and carrying a trowel.

Lilacs in the village are flowering now, and when we (Beau and I) stepped outside last evening around ten, the night air was filled with their heady purple fragrance. In a few days, they too will fade and fall to earth like confetti, nourishment for the summer wonders still to come.

Here's another summer of prowling about with camera and macro lens, of drinking in light and gathering my own store of nectar... Now and then, I will put down my photo gear and dance with the lighthearted bumble girls. Ungainly creature that I am, I hope no one is watching.

How sweet it all is, how fleeting and poignant, and just a little sad.


Victoria Londergan said...

May you be blessed by the sweet gifts of your precious ability to see with the eyes of your heart and reflect that with your camera ... this sadness is part of joy’s continuum ... it’s both and 🙏🏻🧚💕

Barbara Rogers said...

Well summer seems to have been here also last week, but rains and cooler breezes will be coming next we vacillate back and forth this month of changes.

Kiki said...

.... yes, all that, but mostly: How very beautiful, made more precious because of their fleeting nature. And it does fill yr heart ❤ with happiness 💚